I drove across the country hitting speed bumps, pot holes, washboard roads and terrible city construction projects. My Secret Safe stayed exactly where I put it the whole trip. Tara from New Mexico

When I was out of town on a long business trip, I was pissed off to find out someone had broken into my house and robbed me in my absence. They had taken my TV and stereo, but they missed my valuable things because they were cleverly concealed in a Secret Safe. I put my box in my air conditioning duct work, and it holds my emergency cash, grandma’s jewelry, and my rare coin collection. Insurance will replace my electronics, but nothing could replace family heirlooms. Frank from California

I got concerned when I bottomed out on a back road and heard crunching noises under my car. The Safe had three gouges in it but had only moved half an inch and was still sealed.Matt from New Hampshire

Being an outdoorsman, I’ve had to leave valuables in my car unattended many times. Now I can hike and surf with peace of mind.Taylor from California

My Secret Safe has been through blizzards, torrential downpours, and creeks, delivering dry contents at the end of each journey. Kristina from Colorado

I was concerned about the security of a wall safe after watching a program about cat burglars, so instead I bought a Secret Safe for my valuables. Now I can sleep with peace of mind knowing no burglar is going to unscrew my heating vents looking for my black box. Josephine from Florida

Traveling in America made me nervous, but my Secret Safe protected my passport, cash and keys while I was enjoying the nightlife of New York City. Ben from Australia

When I rolled my truck off a mountain and totaled it, I thought the box would be gone for sure. The truck rolled six times, but my Safe was still attached much to my amazement. I had to call a tow truck and my car insurance company, but I didn’t have to get a new Secret Safe. John from North Carolina

After mountain biking and leaving my wallet under the car in our Secret Safe I was concerned that my credit cards would be ruined because of the magnets. To my astonishment they worked fine when we went to the grocery store that night. Jackson from Florida

When I got rear ended from a tractor trailer I thought for sure my Secret Safe would be gone, but sure enough it was still attached to my front bumper, luckily I hadn’t put it on my rear bumper. Jackie from Ohio

When I bought my Secret Safe I wanted to test out just how water tight it was so I filled it with water sensitive things like envelopes, rolling papers, and a couple other items. I drove my jeep through creeks, hit the big mud holes, and even submerged it our beer cooler overnight. Much to my amazement the contents remained dry throughout and I’ve been using it ever since. Johnny from Alabama

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